box“It is very helpful to have an external agency provide operating standards for ecommerce with its Code of Practice. When we add on the power of the Star Ratings system to inform new customers of our performance levels it is really an unbeatable combination.” Andrew Marks, Website Manager

totally“SafeBuy accreditation lets our customers know that we take security and quality of service very seriously – it gives them the confidence that they need to click the ‘Buy Now’ button.”
Daryl Bowers, Director


box-jb-header-logo“Whilst online customer confidence continues to build, SafeBuy accreditation becomes more of an expectation”
Tim James-Parker, Partner


“A worthy successor to the Which? scheme. They also provide informative (and witty) newsletters to keep businesses in touch with recent developments. Recommended.”

Gary Lancet, Managing Director


“I just wanted to extend my thanks. I used to be sceptical about the value of accreditation but with sales up by 45% I’m converted!”

Jim Wilson, Managing Director


“SafeBuy helps us achieve more wine sales as it enhances our credibility to nervous web searchers.”

Giles Wigoder, Wine Buyer


“SafeBuy confirms to our customers that we are serious and secure about delivering best prices on ink cartridges and photo papers. SafeBuy has assisted us to increase our trust within the market place.”

Karl Kitchen, Sales Manager


“Absolutely essential – the nationally recognised SafeBuy accreditation scheme for web retailers gives consumers the confidence to buy from us and we would not be without it!”

Richard Cruttenden, Owner


“We have now been using SafeBuy for over 12 months. Our feedback from customers is that they appreciate the re-assurance of a RECOGNISED authority service for on line trading , this has definitely given us an increase in E-Store turnover during the period and we look forward to a continued association with SafeBuy.”

Ian Hayes, Director


“Showing the SafeBuy logo on our website gives customers confidence in ordering from us and also by having this logo on every page it has helped us to increase our business.”

Scott Bowskill, Managing Director