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Richard Jones

Richard founded SafeBuy in 2003 following the closure of the Which? Webtrader scheme. Having now helped 1000s of retailers meet SafeBuy standards, he and his company have become synonymous with site safety and consumer protection.

Richard was later appointed UK Leading Expert by the British Standards Institute to represent the UK in developing world standards for retail websites.

SafeBuy’s Code of Practice was developed in conjunction with the Dept of Trade and Industry over 11 years ago and subsequently overseen by the Office of Fair Trading to ensure that retailers were compliant with online ecommerce regulations. Sites that comply with the Code are granted permission to display the SafeBuy trust seal. As such, over the last 10+ years, SafeBuy has become synonymous with safe sites and gives consumers trust in the site they are purchasing from.

Our tools

Richard and his team developed these trusted, powerful tools over a number of years and have been refining them ever since.
The platform now integrates with all ecommerce platforms simply and easily, but if you do have any problems integrating we’re always here to assist you with our free customer service.


Easy integration with the apps and services you already