Why & How SafeBuy REVIEWS Can Work for You

Is it worth showing customer reviews on your website?

Nielsen have the data.

‘Sixty-eight percent of survey respondents indicated that they trust consumer opinions posted online.’

(The Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising polled more than 29,000 consumers in 58 countries.)

For pretty much everyone it’s a no-brainer.

Our independence and credibility are unsurpassable. We’ve the only organisation to have worked with the Office of Fair Trading since 2006 to promote standards in the web retailing industry.

The effort is microscopic. Just add our logo with a bit of code to as many pages on your website as you like and cc or bcc your order acknowledgements to our unique research address . That’s it. We do the rest.

The cost is minimal.
Just £18.99 + VAT a month. For everybody, any size. Or £199 + VAT a year if paid ahead (a saving of £28.88).

The risk is non-existent.
A no-charge 60-day trial is waiting for you.

  • With increasing demands from consumers for independent ratings from web merchants, the SafeBuy REVIEWS System clearly showcases that you are far superior to your competitors in consumer satisfaction.
  • See what consumers are saying about you, and adjust your operations to increase their satisfaction and make your business that much better! Consumers will provide you with honest ratings in five different areas, and their overall comments are available in the public domain. Honest reviews of your products or services can be instrumental to your differentiation from competitors and will increase brand awareness naturally.
  • Respond in public to any adverse criticism with your explanation of what you have done to put things right.
  • Display the ‘SafeBuy REVIEWS' logo on your website as big, bold, and on as many pages as you like. The logo has an active link to the live survey results and comments for your site. Consumers will recognize the SafeBuy REVIEWS logo on your website and will instantly connect you with being a high quality retailer.
  • Qualifying for the REVIEWS logo is simple. Just invite your customers to complete a two minute survey form after you have shipped goods to them or rendered services. To make it even easier for you, CC our secure research site on your customer order acknowledgment. We'll email them independently for you with the survey a few days after you have shipped the goods. That's when they’ll be most aware of you, and most likely very happy to leave you a positive rating!

Here's an example of the survey and customer responses from one of our members:

Here’s how Undersea Adventures have used their Stars Logo on their website to increase trust, gain more awareness for their brand and drive in new sales (hover over the REVIEWS seal - top-right of the page linked here):